Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Well, at least it's not brain surgery...

It's a common phrase people use when describing a difficult task.  However, what do brain surgeons say when they're completing a hard task?  I bet they say "at least it's not driving through a construction zone" because, seriously, nobody seems to be able to do it.  First off, they give you two miles in advance to switch lanes.  Yet the morons driving in the soon to be closed lane seem to think they might be able to beat everyone through the construction if they race ahead, but hey jerks you just end up slowing everybody else down!  My favorite, though, is the d*****bag (we apologize for the language, but it is fitting) who, seeing everybody in one lane, decides to drive in the other lane as if it's some magical realm that nobody else realizes exists, and it will take them through the construction zone unscathed.

Now, you may be saying after all of that "wow, Russ.  Angry much?" (I am working through some anger issues, but I find it hurtful and inappropriate that you would bring it up here...there's a time and a place).  The problem is, you who are incapable of driving through construction zones have apparently been coddled your whole life and told you're special.  Well, you're not!  So read the signs and get in the correct lane in advance so we can all get home on time!

Russ VanAllen
For clarification, I am special!!...wait...no, not like that!