Saturday, December 1, 2012

Studies and Stuff

People all over the country wait with baited breath as members of the House and Senate try to stave off calamity and keep the country from speeding over the "fiscal cliff."  However, if you are one of the tens of people paying attention, you may be waiting a long while.  A recent study from the Institute for Institutional Studies has shown that a whopping 98% of Congress is just too stupid to grasp reality.

Tom Warrin, of the IIS, explains that "when a Senator or Representative holds a Press Conference and you can't figure out what they are saying, it's because they don't know either," he continues "They're lucky if they can remember where they are, let alone figure out what's happening to the fiscal stability of the country."

Most people would attribute this to the old age and senility of some Senators and Representatives, but as Warrin points out "that is the case for only about 1% of Congress.  They have a legitimate excuse.  They are old, and probably have alzheimers, or dementia, or something.  The remaining 1%, well, we're not even sure they exist...the majority, however, are just stupid."

The study does make the point that they all didn't start out this way.  Most lawmakers were intelligent when they first ran for office, but once bombarded by lobbyists and young, attractive interns with daddy issues who are drawn to old, gross men with money and power; they just got dumb-ed down.

Russell VanAllen
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mars is still a planet?

It's been a while since I've posted.  It's tough when the news becomes so ridiculous us who ridiculously parody it find it too ridiculous to ridiculously ridicule...I think.  My favorite target, NASA, has been back in the news for doing something.  Namely going to Mars.  Frankly, they could have drawn a picture of Mars and it would have been more than they have done in the past decade.  Let's face it, their biggest "achievements" since going to the Moon have been building a useless space station that's about as interesting as space junk, planning to blow up the Moon, reaching out to Muslims (apparently Muslims are from Mars?...I'm not up on my geography, I would guessed that was Mormons...), and stripping Pluto of it's planethood for opposing same-sex marriage.

Of course upon arriving, the pictures showed Mars to be very similar to the Mojave desert.  Now I haven't been to Mars since the 80's, when I was invited to Mitt Romney's birthday party on the planet he earned (See, I knew it was Mormons!)...where was I...oh right, the 80's.  Well, I could have told you it looked like the Mojave desert.  It's not like it's rocket science!...Anyway, good job NASA, you did something right, too bad it couldn't keep you from getting your budget cut (oh yeah, I went there).

Russ VanAllen
Disclaimer: We at Russinize Your Day do not actually know if NASA had anything to do with Pluto losing it's planethood, nor do we know Pluto's stance on same-sex marriage, or if "planethood" is a real term...according to the red squiggly line under it I would say no.  Consider it coined.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Well, at least it's not brain surgery...

It's a common phrase people use when describing a difficult task.  However, what do brain surgeons say when they're completing a hard task?  I bet they say "at least it's not driving through a construction zone" because, seriously, nobody seems to be able to do it.  First off, they give you two miles in advance to switch lanes.  Yet the morons driving in the soon to be closed lane seem to think they might be able to beat everyone through the construction if they race ahead, but hey jerks you just end up slowing everybody else down!  My favorite, though, is the d*****bag (we apologize for the language, but it is fitting) who, seeing everybody in one lane, decides to drive in the other lane as if it's some magical realm that nobody else realizes exists, and it will take them through the construction zone unscathed.

Now, you may be saying after all of that "wow, Russ.  Angry much?" (I am working through some anger issues, but I find it hurtful and inappropriate that you would bring it up here...there's a time and a place).  The problem is, you who are incapable of driving through construction zones have apparently been coddled your whole life and told you're special.  Well, you're not!  So read the signs and get in the correct lane in advance so we can all get home on time!

Russ VanAllen
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Is it hot in here, or just me (rhetorical)...

Just when Republicans would have you believe the stimulus did not work, a new stimulus-funded study from Stanford University is set to bring a close to the debate over global warming.  The results may surprise you.  Stanford researches have discovered that global warming is indeed real, and that it is, indeed, man-made.  The study finds that every election cycle, politicians travel the country delivering speeches and releasing dangerous gases and hot air into the atmosphere.  The study shows that this accounts for the greenhouse gas buildup causing the earth to heat up, melting the polar ice caps, killing polar bears, selling Prius', and sending Al Gore into a downward spiral of insanity.

The researchers are planning to turn a report into the EPA with their recommendations on how to cut down the growing danger.  Russinize Your Day has been told, by an unnamed source, that some of these recommendations include limiting Donald Trump's dialogue to "you're fired!", keeping Warren Buffet from speaking in general, and limiting Presidential debates to 30 minutes.  We are also told that the study listed President Obama as the top contributor to the problem, but he did get credit for recycling his State of the Union addresses.  It's yet to be seen if the EPA will act on these recommendations.

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