Saturday, December 1, 2012

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People all over the country wait with baited breath as members of the House and Senate try to stave off calamity and keep the country from speeding over the "fiscal cliff."  However, if you are one of the tens of people paying attention, you may be waiting a long while.  A recent study from the Institute for Institutional Studies has shown that a whopping 98% of Congress is just too stupid to grasp reality.

Tom Warrin, of the IIS, explains that "when a Senator or Representative holds a Press Conference and you can't figure out what they are saying, it's because they don't know either," he continues "They're lucky if they can remember where they are, let alone figure out what's happening to the fiscal stability of the country."

Most people would attribute this to the old age and senility of some Senators and Representatives, but as Warrin points out "that is the case for only about 1% of Congress.  They have a legitimate excuse.  They are old, and probably have alzheimers, or dementia, or something.  The remaining 1%, well, we're not even sure they exist...the majority, however, are just stupid."

The study does make the point that they all didn't start out this way.  Most lawmakers were intelligent when they first ran for office, but once bombarded by lobbyists and young, attractive interns with daddy issues who are drawn to old, gross men with money and power; they just got dumb-ed down.

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