Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mars is still a planet?

It's been a while since I've posted.  It's tough when the news becomes so ridiculous us who ridiculously parody it find it too ridiculous to ridiculously ridicule...I think.  My favorite target, NASA, has been back in the news for doing something.  Namely going to Mars.  Frankly, they could have drawn a picture of Mars and it would have been more than they have done in the past decade.  Let's face it, their biggest "achievements" since going to the Moon have been building a useless space station that's about as interesting as space junk, planning to blow up the Moon, reaching out to Muslims (apparently Muslims are from Mars?...I'm not up on my geography, I would guessed that was Mormons...), and stripping Pluto of it's planethood for opposing same-sex marriage.

Of course upon arriving, the pictures showed Mars to be very similar to the Mojave desert.  Now I haven't been to Mars since the 80's, when I was invited to Mitt Romney's birthday party on the planet he earned (See, I knew it was Mormons!)...where was I...oh right, the 80's.  Well, I could have told you it looked like the Mojave desert.  It's not like it's rocket science!...Anyway, good job NASA, you did something right, too bad it couldn't keep you from getting your budget cut (oh yeah, I went there).

Russ VanAllen
Disclaimer: We at Russinize Your Day do not actually know if NASA had anything to do with Pluto losing it's planethood, nor do we know Pluto's stance on same-sex marriage, or if "planethood" is a real term...according to the red squiggly line under it I would say no.  Consider it coined.

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