Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yes I'm still here...Sorry to frighten you.

Hello everybody.  I'm still here and ready to get back into the blogosphere with the #1 New York Times Bestselling blog (I don't think such a category even exists...).  I know that you all have been feeling down and out since I've gone on hiatus.  That feeling is, of course, the affects (I hope I used the correct spelling otherwise all those grammar Nazi's are gonna have a field day) of the Russinization process wearing off.  My apologies to you for taking so long to keep your life interesting and flavorful.  I was considering doing a video blog, due to a certain unnamed person starting one and getting rave reviews for it...not that I'm jealous! (Sure, sure Russ (Shut-up inner-dialogue!!) Oh great, are we really going back to parenthesis within parenthesis format when you argue with yourself, arguing with yourself?) but the fact is that I have thus put off doing a video blog because people have always said I have a "face for radio".  It turns out that when somebody says that to you it is not a compliment (*gasp* Really?), so I'll do what I do best and that is entertain the masses (I don't think 12 followers constitutes a mass...but hang in there chief!) through cleverly worded humor (If you call this cleverly worded humor then I'm...(So help me if you interrupt me one more time!))...

Russ VanAllen
Author of over 1 New York Times Bestselling blogs and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for his work forging peace with humor (Hey, if Obama can win one, so can...well anybody really...).

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