Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scientists believe salt to blame for death of the dead sea.

Scientists from Columbia University believe that too much salty foods is what killed the dead sea.  The sea, which has been pronounced dead for some time now, has the highest salt content of any other sea in the world.

Lead Scientist Richard Cameron said "we knew it [Salt] was bad for you, but this is the first real substantive evidence that shows it kills, and that tighter government regulation of our foods is needed to ensure that this incident doesn't spread to people, or worse, more seas."

All of the scientists involved with the research project were shocked by their findings.  Marco Rodriguez, another scientist working with Cameron, stated that "for many years we all believed it was natural causes that ended the life of the sea, but we were stunned to find out the truth."  He then went on to say "every sea, every ocean has salt in them, but this much salt?  No, that's killer.  Something must be done."

The only thing not clear from the research is whether it was pure sea salt that killed the sea, or regular iodized salt.  "We assume it was natural sea salt that is to blame, for obvious reasons," comments Cameron, "but we just aren't 100% sure."

Scientists also speculated of a connection between a McDonald's built close to the Dead Sea's shore and it's death, but no solid leads have come from that.  We did attempt to contact McDonald's but have yet to get a response.

Russ VanAllen
Chief Correspondent for Russinize Your Day.

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