Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational blog...

Well folks, it looks as though the navy has finally decided to listen to me. They have successfully tested a laser weapon to shoot down 4 unmanned drones. This is great news, because now we are well on our way to getting the Death Star (I already have my Darth Vader suit ready for when I take it over). Yet, it concerns me that they are saying the laser won't be deployed anytime soon. Come on!! You shot down 4 unmanned drones, what's the issue here? As far as I'm concerned the only thing left to do is shoot down manned drones (Can drones be manned?...Ooh, ooh, ooh, let it be the Russians...). It's time to use this technology and build the Death Star making America the ultimate power in the galaxy (Except for a stray X-wing that will fire a proton torpedo into our one weakness...). I do request, however, that whoever is in charge of this laser program always be dressed as Admiral Ackbar and they can only say "It's a trap!" That is all.

Russ VanAllen
Join me and your path to the dark side will be complete...Yeah, I know, I'm a Star Wars nerd...

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  1. um... yea, if you're Darth Vader, can I be Princess Leia? 'cause Harrison Ford is super cute, and also because, being on the good side of the force... I win!! ;-)