Friday, July 9, 2010


Vanity plates. That little way of telling the world "Hey, I'm pretty cool" (Yet, really telling them "No, no I'm not"). I never understood the appeal of a vanity plate. The last thing I want while driving is to be introduced to somebody, especially via their license plate. That's why Gerald Ford invented cars in the first place (Wrong Ford...actually that whole sentence is way off) so that people would not have to interact with each other while en-route to their destination. We can sit alone in our cars, windows rolled up, air on, and be untethered by every Tom, Dick or Harry (That's rather sexist. What, you can't be bothered by a woman?). Anyway, I've now totally lost my train of thought on this matter...oh, right, vanity plates. I don't care what it is you put on there, it's stupid. It makes you look like a loser, and it makes me want to ram my Chrysler up your tale-pipe (That's rather harsh...but then again, I have not had coffee all day, so....back off!!). So to the man with a license plate that reads "Stevil" to the people who add an "8" in for "ate" (i.e. - K8...hahaha...), I have an idea of where you need to go...

...back to the DMV to get a new license plate, that's where!

Russ VanAllen
I have not had coffee all day...

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  1. Come on, don't tell me you wouldn't laugh if you saw this on a Michigan plate: