Friday, April 23, 2010

The Final Frontier

The military has launched an unmanned "Space plane" on a "top secret" mission. Shouldn't the launch be the "top secret" part? I mean what else are they going to keep a secret, there destination? They're going to space, or if it's like all the other space "missions," the moon! Experts speculate that it's to test maneuvering and weapons. Okay, well, that cat's out of the bag. People are already throwing up the "red flag" about the weaponization of space. I think we're getting ahead of ourselves here, let's remember our greatest achievement to date is putting a man on the moon (and the funding cuts to NASA), and remember this is an unmanned flight. How are we supposed to make "grand steps" with robots? Haven't they watched movies? Technology always turns on humankind. So why create an armed, robot spaceship?...(I think I'm getting ahead of myself now)...ok, back on track, let's get some men past the moon and landing on another planet (they can do it movies!), besides the moon is old news, I can see it from my house (like Sarah Palin can see Russia from hers...I wonder if she can see the moon I must say though, on a good note, the military is in charge of this operation, not NASA, so chances of a Death Star are much better.

Russ VanAllen


  1. Did you hear about the second top secret launch? I read that while the first one was being done there was an even more secret launch that wasn't realized until after launch. So the first one hid the second one.