Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sorry, it's just a habit...

Apparently habits can age you by 12 that why nuns look so old? No, no, I jest, but seriously according to a new "study" 4 common habits can age you by 12 years, what are these habits? Well drinking too much, inactivity, poor diet and smoking (of course they always target smoking). Why does everybody say smoking is bad for you? I just don't buy it (I don't smoke, myself), I just haven't seen any real proof. If you think about it all the old entertainers used to smoke and they didn't die from it (they only died from lung, throat or mouth cancer). Even Bill Clinton used to smoke (although he never inhaled) and he's still around (insert your own feelings on that). Now don't get me wrong, I'm not condoning smoking here, I'm just not, not condoning it. If I were condoning it, it would be wrong for me to not, not say it were the right thing to do if I were to not condone it if it were right...wait, what? So I guess in closing...don't smoke?...or you'll look like a nun.

Russ VanAllen

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  1. Wow Russ you must really have a lot of time on your hands! although I was entertained for a moment. :)