Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It's a little known fact, but I like to talk about myself (just go with it).  Yet, there is somebody who likes to discuss their self more than I could ever hope, and that's Tyra Banks.  Ms. Banks is now working on publishing a fantasy novel (her autobiography?) for young people (as opposed to young non-people, which I hear is a tough market to get).  That's right, Tyra is working to publish her book, which is, according to the egotistical, super-barbie "called 'Modelland' pronounced 'Model land' (because apparently us lower humans are too dumb to figure that out) that takes you to a fantastical place you've never seen, nor heard about, or read about before (for a reason)...where dreams come true and life can change in the blink of a smoky eye (sounds like you should get that checked out)."  Tyra also says that "Modelland has always been a part of my mind and my heart" (Once again, auto-biography anyone?).  Like all "good" book series there will, at least, be three (Please no).  So watch out Harry Potter and Twilight and...whatever other dumb book kids read...Modelland is coming,'s a book.

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