Monday, May 24, 2010

I Google myself everyday...

There is no longer any need to fear using your computer because we now have a cyber warfare general (A 4-star general at that) who will take the battle right to the place the real terrorists are (probably where Osama Bin Laden's been hiding out too), the Internet. They've reassigned some 30,000 troops to the front lines of cyber warfare (because we need that many people sitting around a computer all day...I think there's a "how many military personnel does it take to operate a computer" joke in there somewhere). Naturally there are critics to this who say it's just one more step to the militarization of cyberspace (do they know how computers work? You can't fit guns or people in them...). But, I guess I can see their point. I mean, how long before they begin a draft, and pull all of our little avatars we've created into this hideous war (WILL THE MADNESS NEVER END!!!!!). Or, how long before they tap into people's Sims games and draft the peace loving Sims into this mess (Although, I believe the Sims do have a military career thing, so that might be all right; maybe they can work in cooperation with the Sim government on a joint military effort? I can, also, only assume that it won't be long before somebody photo shops a nuclear warhead, attaches it to an e-mail that promises nude actresses when opened, and destroys a city (disgusting...). I can really only see this ending in bloodshed (I'm wondering now if I even know how computers work...)...*Cue heart wrenching patriotic music*

Russ VanAllen
Opposed to a draft of my little Yahoomail! Avatar.

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