Friday, June 4, 2010

Everybody wants handouts...

I'm really sick of people blaming BP and the Federal Government for the lack of response to the oil spill in the Gulf (I'm sure you're gonna enlighten us, now, on who to blame). I can't help but feel that only one party is really responsible for this mess...(I love just holding that moment of suspense as I keep you on the brink of enlightenment)...and that's the marine wildlife of the gulf. I mean all I've heard is complain, complain, complain from them and their wildlife union, and haven't seen any action from them to stop this mess. I mean they should show some initiative here. Like the forest animals from Snow White. They helped Snow White clean a cottage, for cryin' out loud, and you're telling me these marine animals can't help clean up some oil (Ummm, yes?). I just don't buy itakjldsfadfskj (Sorry, I let typing replace thinking again)..where was I? Right, selfish animals. Animals fight in wars , but they won't even lift a paw to help clean up an oil spill that's going to affect them the most. Instead, they're just sitting back and crying for the government to take care of them. That's just plain selfish, in my book.

Russ VanAllen
Self-proclaimed International Wildlife Expert

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