Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to succeed in business without really trying...

That's really an easy answer. Casinos! Where else can you go with $100 and leave with $1,000 (Or you could lose your money...but we don't talk about that)? Now, in California it's even easier for people without money to make money at casinos (...), as California will now allow you to cash in your welfare checks at casinos (Because California is only looking out for you and not trying to just overcome a massive budget deficit). You can even cash it in right there at the ATM (How convenient...). It's brilliant. Now poor people have a chance to make a fortune and therefore stop being poor...which will in turn make America more classy (Yeah, that's our problem, we lack class...). Now, don't go and take this blog post out of context saying it's an "Anti-poor" post. I support the poor...I just don't care about them (Classy...). But now, California has given them a chance to redeem themselves. So my message to poor people: take your welfare checks, go to California and hit the casinos! You're life can only improve (...). Where else are you going to get money from? The government? No (Wait, isn't that what welfare is?). This is your chance to make money the legit and American way.

Russ VanAllen
One Classy Brawd


  1. What became of class?

    p.s. its a song from Chicago's soundtrack album

  2. I did read that the Governator put the brakes on this. But, still, it's ridiculous that it was even considered in the first place.