Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I like my bimbo soft and white...

But not the sort of bimbo you'd find on the street, or working as your secretary (What do you think I am?!). No, this bimbo you can pick up at Meijers, because it's bread (For the other type of bimbo you have to go to Wal-mart). Now the billboard I saw (Which tipped me off to this bread) specifically says "Say Beembo!"...but if you have to clarify exactly how to pronounce your product, you shouldn't be allowed to sell it. I mean that's like making something and calling it "bitch" but saying "Say Betch!" (That was kind of a sucky example...(Yeah, I'm just lazy today)). If you have to clarify just how your product is pronounced it should be illegal. Maybe the Government should focus less on a moratorium on offshore drilling and focus more on a moratorium on confusing product names that need clarification so they aren't misconstrued as inappropriate (That's a lengthy title...).

Russ VanAllen
Avid bread eater.

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