Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This whole post was formed around that picture...

For all of you weirdos going through a withdrawal of Apple products since the recent release of the iPad, don't fret. The god of Apple has released to his faithful followers a new iPhone, the iPhone 4 (Which Steve Jobs (who is more self-absorbed than me...oh yeah, I went there) shamelessly bragged about). It will apparently be better than anything else Steve Jobs has decided to create and bestow upon his worshipers (Maybe it will have an app to prompt all Apple owners to go and throw themselves off of a building in the name of Steve Jobs (Whoa, that is incredibly offensive! Besides, I think you, Russ, own an Apple iPod, am I right?) Well, yes, but it's a shuffle so it doesn't really count...besides I stole it from my mother (Touche)). Now you may be sitting back and saying "Wow, Russ, you're a jerk. All Apple owners are not like that." That's ok to say, because your just a crazy Apple fruit in my mind. Even if all Apple owners were normal people, I'd still say the same thing (Because here at Russinize Your Day we could not care less about the facts...facts aren't funny. What I make up, now that's funny).

Russ VanAllen
I care about the facts, not the truth!

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