Saturday, August 7, 2010

I feel it too...

I have a simple motto in life...I can't remember it, but it's pretty good (It's the mad cow...). But it's a shame that not everybody can be as awesome at life as I am. I mean, I'm fantastic. This point is made oh so clear in the play I'm currently "in". In this play I simply play a member of a jury. That's it! Me and 7 other guys (10 altogether, but 2 of them actually have a part) just sit on stage. It's basically jury duty where we show up with our decision already made (Ya know, how jury duty should be...). Yet, it amazes me that I am the ONLY person who can actually pull this off! I am the ONLY one (Well, there may be one other, but who cares, right?) who can sit there and keep my trap shut and not make gestures. Example time! At certain points in the script the "audience" in the courtroom will make some ruckus, and the guy sitting next to me will actually point and start saying (Quite loudly, mind you) "Hubbub, hubbub, hubbub". WHAT!!!!! Even if that was a remotely good trick to use when in need of a bunch of talking, it works best when more people than just you say it!!! Example 2. The courtroom "audience" will have moments of outbursts and occasional laughter and some men on the jury will mirror them. NO!! You're not supposed to do that you dunces (I think that's the first time I've ever typed the word "dunces"...)!! I know you all want to get noticed, but it makes you look stupid (Really stupid). Besides I'm good with just sitting there, I look fantastic. I mean, I'm in a suit and I look good...I mean I'm hot (On fire!!).

Russ VanAllen
I'm so wired this morning, I've had about 50 cups of coffee...

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