Monday, August 9, 2010

Nobody cares...

I am listening to the radio (The Glenn Beck Program...3rd most listened to radio show in the U.S. (Uh-oh, shameless Conservative radio show plug!)) when I heard a commercial on the station that got me very concerned. It was about a Dentist (A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...that's not even that funny...). Now, this Dentist couldn't get patients (Do Dentists have patients? I'm not brushed up on my Doctor/Dentist lingo...) because there was a review on the Internet about his practice (Is it called a practice for a Dentist? Again, I just don't know...) and it was from a disgruntled patient...ya know what, I'm just going to call all Dentist "patients" victims, because we all know that's what they really this victim was upset and so they gave him a bad review and that kept the Dentist from getting more victims (Puts a whole new spin on it...). Then the very convincingly serious narrator made the point that sums up the whole commercial, he said:

"The Internet does not call you for your side of the story."

And that brings me to my point (I don't get that saying, my point? I don't own a point, I don't have one on my body (nor do I have one in general)...well unless they mean my elbows...OK, that could work...)...So, that brings me to my elbows. Why doesn't the Internet call to get our side of the story? Instead it completely takes a one sided stance against good people trying to make a living (And Dentists...hehehe). And that's rude! Why we keep using this inconsiderate tool known as the Internet who won't even call to get our side of the story, I'll never know! If it doesn't have the decency to call me and ask what I think, I will stop using it!!...but then I wouldn't have this blog...(Hmmmm...)...Well, I guess the Dentist is just gonna have to deal with it and stop messing up!

Russ VanAllen
I blog because I care...I guess

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